Who we are

Some brief notices about us.....

We are an experienced, highly specialized small consulting and planning firm operating in the field of sustainable exploitation of natural resources. In particular we are skilled in sustainable forest management, forest ecology, afforestation planning, agriculture, rural development, feasibility studies, forest, landscape restoration and plant pathology.

We have great experience also in Environmental Impact Assessment and in Environmental Evaluations and Assessments.

Our mission is to provide the excellence through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Innovation and research are the foundation on which we built our work; so we decided since our foundation  in 2001, to have in our organization people with solid skills and relevant academic background (i.e. Ph.D. and MSC).

With its academic background, our company is a community of experienced consultants that prides itself in offering different and innovative perspectives to its clients with unique and unconventional solutions to their questions. The small size of our firm and its smart network-based organization, allows us to act and answer quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients anywhere in the world.

All the professionals involved has also developed an extensive experience in a vast range of projects.

We support investors (in the field of agriculture, exploitation and enhancement of forest resources) by providing them with investment opportunities and related consultancy services. On the other side we also support companies, public and private entities to raise partnership and joint-venture in the same fields.